The Secrets of Kathmandu Valley: Kantipur Temple House

When I was browsing for places to stay in Kathmandu, it took several websites and blog recommendations before I could find the best place to stay in the valley. Although there are a lot of hostels and bed and breakfast places that offer cheaper rates and good location, Kantipur Temple House caught my attention at first glance and it kept me going to their website back and forth.


Kantipur Temple House


And so I decided to send an email to ask for further information. Luckily,  I got a response of answers from the hotel manager himself, Mr. Digamber, and gave us promo rates for as low as USD 65 per night per room from the usual USD 132. I informed my friends and finally got the approva. Then we decided to have a reservation and let Kantipur Temple House be the official temporary residence of our Kathmandu Valley journey.

DESCRIPTION. If you are looking for a place to party, chill with sounds and music and are a real outgoing person,  you may have to think twice on choosing this hotel.  It goes back with its roots, the basics. No A/C and definitely no bar or pubs. In a word, simplicity. But I am telling you, this special hotel offers the charm of the old Shangrila in the Himalayas that might I say made it stand out more.


Kantipur Temple House is a unique boutique hotel that has traditional Nepalese architecture. According to Mr. Digamber, almost 95% of the materials and designs are pure Nepali-made. Wood and stone carvings are elegantly made, and the touch of old bricks and antique vases complete the set up. Some of the Hindu paintings and artifacts are mounted on the hallways and there was also a touch of Buddhism in the garden which makes me think how they blend their religion in the country. I have this feeling of walking inside a museum itself.

Some Nepalese Art



Regarding rooms and services, sharing rooms are quite huge for 2 persons to stay. They have  big beds with whole Nepalese set up. Hot showers are available and the room offers a nice view of the hotel’s interior.  Also, windows have these Hindu carvings and the curtains offers a touch of Tibetan style wonders. Staff are very much helpful and wonderful. They assisted us in finding which places to stay and the places to start to. They even had this traditional Nepali Tea as a welcome drink! 


Namaste Nepal!




*They serve organic food too!


*Breakfast View

I learned also that they don’t offer bottled water and plastics as they advocate going Green and recycling. All of the designs and menu book are all made from recycled paper. So for Eco-warriors, this is a good place to stay. Mr. Digamber told me that this is their good way to help Kathmandu in trying to lessen pollution and garbage, one person at a time, one vision at a time.


Note inside the bathroom.

My travel mates all agree in one thing about the hotel, that it offers relaxation for those people who wish to find serenity. True enough the hotel it self is situated in the chaotic Thamel, but once you are there inside, you will just hear the old chimes as they swayed with the wind and the sound of birds chirping in the morning. And before I forget, there is also a yoga class every morning in the garden which of course my friends tried for the day.

windows with intricate carvings of hindu influences

To sum up, Kantipur Temple House is highly recommended for those people who seek serenity and want to be laidback for days. And if you love to stay with all Nepalese charm and design, then this is the place to stay. 


Prepping for a big and long day!

*photo credits to my sister Avy Melo


One response to “The Secrets of Kathmandu Valley: Kantipur Temple House

  1. I wanna stay here when I visit Nepal, it’s like i’m travelling from ancient time, i think i’m a Nepali from my previuos life! Look at those carvings and art work, they’re able to preserve it till this time:)

    Namaste Nepal! 🙂

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