The Secrets of Kathmandu Valley: The What, Why and How?

Nepal is one of the most promising destinations that young travelers like me would love to visit. I read a lot of things regarding this South Asian Country way back on my elementary/ highschool days and by visiting some backpack travel sites. I’ve been asking myself  before What does Tibetan/Nepalese look like and their world renowned Heritage sites? What does it feel seeing the highest mountain in the world? How does religions with the likes of  Hinduism and Buddhism blend in the valley? Last August 2013, we had the answer.


The famous Stupas and Buddha Eyes, Iconic Symbols in Nepal.


Kathmandu Valley View


Bakthapur Square with Himalayas Backdrop 

The Start. Many factors were considered, the distance from my current location, the off days that I have, the pocket money, travel expenses and my travel mates preferences too.  Although it is just 4 hours away by plane from UAE, my Singapore based friends need to travel 7-8 hours cause there are no direct flights and they will just use their weekend to have this travel, so initially the Nepal dream was dropped off.


Nepal Travelmates, Rose Anne and Rachel both based in Singapore and My Sister Avy joined me in the trip. 

It took us around 2 months to finally decide to go Nepal and setting aside Maldives and Sri Lanka on our vote. (seems like Olympics bidding, yay!)  And initial planning was on the road. Naturally Nepal *dance, yay!*

THE CAST. This is also the first time that my sister joined me to a backpack travel.  When she finally realize that I will have a short vacation this August, she unhesitantly joined and packed her things for the Naturally Nepal event.  So we all checked the Fly Dubai Flights to Kathmandu as they offer the cheapest ride going to Kathmandu against Etihad and Air Arabia. Rose Anne and Rachel, my travel buddies based in Singapore, will fly via Malaysian Airlines with connecting flights to Kuala Lumpur.  Yey for the travel sibings and friends! All set!



The Nepal Tourist Visa. For Fellow Filipino Countrymen, we can avail their visa on arrival at Tribhuvan Airport, visa costs around 25 USD for 15 days.  Only just fill out the form and bring one passport size ID upon arrival. I just dont know if other borders also offers the visa upon arrival, but just to make sure visit the nearest Nepalese Embassy or visit their website for further reference:


Visa Stamp. Available during Arrival

THE ITINERARY. Lastly, We made sample Itinerary on activities that we will do on that day. Virtually we only have 2 full days and 3 Nights, so decided to maximize the days that we have and dropped of some  outdoor activities that they recommend to do.  But If you will have more time to spend in Nepal, some of the mountaineering and outdoor activities are highly suggested. 🙂


Busy Street at Patan Durbar Square


At Monkey Temple

The Nepal Activity Itinerary

Day 1:  August 23rd

1800 Arrival at Kathmandu Airport

1900 Check in at Kantipur Temple House Lunch

2000 Dinner

Get Ready for Next Activity

Day 2 : August 24th

0700 Breakfast

0800 Yoga Class

0900 Visit World Heritage Sites



1600       Nagarkot  See the Himalayas views

1800       Back to Kathmandu

2000       Dinner

Explore Kathmandu at Night (Night life)

Day 3 : August 25th

0700       Breakfast

0900       Yoga Class

1000       Pashupatinath

Patan Durbar Square

Patan Museum cafe


1600       Boudanath  Stupa Temple

1800       Back to Kathmandu, Souvenir

2000       Himalayan Spa

2100       Dinner

Day 4 August 26th

0800       Breakfast

Photo shoot Morning

1200       Check Out – Lunch

1400       Buy Souvenir

1700       Depart Kathmandu



5 responses to “The Secrets of Kathmandu Valley: The What, Why and How?

  1. Wow mura na yung 12k for 4 days 3 nights! ang galing! Thank you sa tips, Godbless to you and to your travel buddies, more post! 🙂

  2. How much ang pocket money mo and nagastos mo in 3nights exclude accom and flight

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