Dubai Escapades Part III: Miracle Garden in the Middle of the Desert

There are some days that you regret not bring your DSLR, This is one of those days.  Dubai Miracle Garden
Our Last Stop to our impromptu Dubai Escapade was to visit the newly opened Dubai Miracle Garden in Dubailand in Al Barsha. From the name itself, we were  amazed with the colorful flowers and vast gardenscape of this place in the middle of the desert. True enough, you will be wondering how they maintained such green atmosphere as flowers bloomed in the least 40 degrees Celsius low in spring. Not Oasis. It’s a Miracle.
colorful rice field like flowers
Hearty Place
Pyramid Background
UAE Logo
I came to know that the company who used to operate the Al Ain Garden Paradise was the same company for this one. Only the latter was not operational this year due to some issues. But since I never been to Al Ain’s paradise ( and I do believe they should have it next year in Al Ain ) I am so thrilled and happy what was  stored for us. 
And it delivered.
They decorated the old cars too — Feels like Panagbenga Festival!
Entrance for the Miracle Garden costs 25 AED and opened during 0900 – 2100 (weekdays) up to 2300 on weekends this spring season. visit website at :
on front gate

2 responses to “Dubai Escapades Part III: Miracle Garden in the Middle of the Desert

  1. wow that is a Miracle garden it looks amazing. Great Pictures you have here. I love the flowers shaped like a love heart hehe

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