Dubai Escapades Part I: The Road to GITEX Shopper Spring Edition

As we are from the Suburbs side of Abu Dhabi and wanted to escape the lushes and greens of the Oasis, My friends and I planned to visit Dubai for a weekend during our precious off days. It turns out that this plan was in good timing for we decided to visit the Emirate alongside the much awaited GITEX Spring Shopper season. And as the Travel kid at heart always gone trip – “expect the unexpected, life is an adventure, seize the day” memento again strikes. (Why does it always happened?)

Jomel, head coordinator-slash contact planner, booked us for a van good for 6 people week before the day. But as the day went nearer, one by one,  there was add and subtract on the number of the joining members. Until the day before  we leave, this back out problem caused us to lose on track with our van services. And  worst thing happened, Ending up  with None. The van supposedly will give us a tour for a whole day and be back to Al Ain midnight but can’t accommodate larger number that was previously decided on to. On that day, we decided to commute and just find our way once we go there and think about the rest of the activities later.  Keep the POSITIVE VIBES. (Sounds like an unplanned, no way, misadventure travelogue, yet again)

 “Expect the unexpected, Life is an adventure, Seize the day”


Misadventures + Unplanned Trip + Great Friends =  Memorable Experience

Along our way to the Dubai, as impulsive as we are, we decided to extend our trip by another day by booking for a hotel that would accommodate us to further more enjoy Dubai. We tried to call several hotels, but most of them are fully booked and others are just over our budget. Then , I called my sister who resides there and ask her to help us out for booking and she said she will contact some friends and will give us a call. *finger crossed*

Reaching GITEX, our First Stop

If you are an IT consumer enthusiast with an inner talent of bargaining and haggling, well this part of the blog is for dedicated for you! Annually, GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is celebrated with a bang of full offers in the Dubai World Trade Centre. The Emirate being known for the shopping heaven notation in the Middle East, offers the GITEX not only once this year, but twice to answer the consumer needs and the growing market in the Emirate.


GITEX here we go!



long que. Mafi MushkilaImage


With the best companies and IT dealers in the emirate, they join forces to gives us the GITEX spring, which would include all the latest in the Technology and Gadgets plus various offers to attract thousands of consumers across the region.  So this marks our first stop – visit the electronic’s shopping heaven.


sea of dealers and shoppers! 



At the end of our visit, I’ll give you some of the valued offer of my friend’s shopping deals, you decide if it is a good deal or not. Do the Math plus your Gadget Skills Pricing. 🙂


A 39 inch LED Samsung TV, 2 Vouchers and 1 Tablet  for 1,600 AED

A Samsung S3 Phone, A Tablet, Du Sim card and A Spin for a win Accessories chance for 1,800 AED

A Samsung Slim Laptop I3, Headset, Canon Printer, Mouse, Cellphone and Antivirus kit – for 1,799 AED

I haven’t bought any of the listed above, but after seeing the freebies and the good deal, I am looking forward for the next GITEX season and hopefully buys some new stuffs that I can bring home when I’ll be having my vacation to the Philippines.


 For those who miss it this Spring, See you in October!

Part Two :


2 responses to “Dubai Escapades Part I: The Road to GITEX Shopper Spring Edition

  1. I love shopping in Dubai….I looks like you guys had fun and got some good deals. GITEX Spring Shopper season looks like a great time!

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