Marchness Birthday


Aside from our impromptu get together sessions and cooking shows, one thing that we look forward to in our stay here in Al Ain, was a TGWT’s Birthday Party.  (insert Ne-Yo song on the background , Then Dance)

And This Time it is our turn!

It is my first time celebrate with a co- birthdaymate, and luckily, with the very precious off day, Patricia aka Toni G, my birthdaymate join forces to create this booze night in the compound. Since we will be having our birthday next week, we both decided to have it as an advance celebration! Pre -Bday! Yahoo!


The birthday-mates! 


Aloha Food!


Early Birds, Yang, Jej and Jadey! 🙂 


With Yunz, Sir A, Jeff, Joms, Czar and Bry


 Juls, Ivan And Clarkent Joining the party mode!




Some Life Lessons and realizations brought up during the day: Add more colors in your life. Birthdays are not signs that you are old, but sign that you should be a year mature more. Add Life your years, not years to your life.

27 Here I come. 


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