El Nido side stories: Food Trip, Balut and Mic’s Birthday!

One thing that we planned during the third day was the surprise for my great travel bud as we will welcomed his 26th birthday on El Nido and we will take Allison on the Food Eating challenge, FIlipino way. Two event, one night. Yalla!

Side note: For This trip, Mic was not actually set to join us as he is hesitant for it will overlap with his birthday, but with some convincing powers with Trish and I, we managed to ask him to joined us and a mini reunion from Coron, Palawan days! So we at least owe him a small surprise bday greetings. hahaha!

We went to town first as we will taste the delicacy of El Nido which they are famous for — The El Nido Soup!


The bird’s nest ingredient comes from select species of cave swiftlets, one of which is found in the Philippines.It is a famous chinese delicacy, and  rare bird eggs are main ingredients for this. O well, That explains the price. 250 php per 2 cup of soup.

Back to birthday plan, Trish and I decided to buy some cakes in the town in the nearby bakery, but unluckily, all of sort of birthday cakes are already been sold out. They should be pre-ordered and don’t really have available cakes to be sold. So we opted to have an Egg Pie and sort of drinks as a welcome gift. Trish bought banana cakes too. I guess I am good at travel itineraries but not a part of the organizing team for a birthday surprise. Epic Fail Part 1.

While we are going back from town, we pass by a street food stand whom who sold quail eggs, a famous street food in the Philippines. So we decided to take a taste test for Allison for the famous quail eggs. yum yum.



Kwek -Kwek Challenge!

But what more happening on the night was not only the birthday gift for mic, but we will have also the fear factor test for Allison — The Balut challenge. We bought three! Yahoo!


Balut is a boiled, fertilized duck egg with an undeveloped embryo, usually eaten with salt. It is considered a delicacy in Asia, especially in the Philippines, where it is popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac and considered a high-protein, hearty snack.


So there you go,when we are back to the guesthouse, we managed to distract my good brother first of the surprise event. But as I went to get the cakes and lit it on, unknowingly he is just behind me and surprises are wasted. Epic Fail part 2.

O well, Trish, Allison and I  think it’s the thought that counts so might as well continue with the we lit the candles and sing the birthday song to our great travel bud! — Heypi Birthday to you! 


Lit the Egg Pie cake Travel bud!



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