El Nido – Puerto Princessa, The Start of the Paradise Adventure

Palawan would be my favorite place in the Philippines as it offers what my home country is rooted for globally – beauty of the white sand beaches and stunning limestone island formations. And now, as it continually growing it’s tourist population as brought by the grant of including it’s Underground River as New 7 wonders of nature, I bound to come back to Palawan to explore more what it can offer. *drumroll please*

Two years back, we visited Palawan’s  pride for snorkling, diving and local famous safari area, Coron. We totally loved the place and you will feel that you have to go back there in the future. Memories on Coron still instilled in my head as of the moment we are currently planning our El Nido –Puerto Princessa Trip.  Got some expectations I guess. Most of the people that tell me the stories of these places compare them on a different views but all of them agrees that each has an experience to live for and to be carry on. Excited much?


Helicopter Island, El Nido, our view  on Hedefe Cottages.

Then there were three of us on this trip. Trish, my good and college close friend, was in time for her annual vacation in Saudi Arabia and we decided that once she will be landing back to Philippines, we will have our part two of the Awesome Palawan trip. Mic, on the other hand, was not really going to this trip in the first place cause of budget and date constraints. But during our Singapore and Malaysia Trip, there this one on one talk and encouraged him to go with us and celebrate his birthday on this trip. I made a good deal.  Luckily for us, my persuasion powers come in handy. So three of us, the Middle eastern Nurses will hit the beach soon!

It was already set that after our Asian Vacation; we will just spend two days for breathing in and will fly to the paradise island. But a surprise joined us as the days gone near.

Allison, our Canadian friend, whom we met in our Asian vacation trip, messaged us on Facebook that she is considering going to Philippines as we have discuss during our tour in Malaysia. She has free days and it will be fun as she will join us in the Palawan Trip and Manila tour as well. So we are happy that we will be joined by a foreigner that will come with us to explore what Palawan can offer. (to our DOT, we will be good tourism ambassador!)


ALL SMILES! Arrival at Puerto Princessa Airport


Camwhoring at El Nido!

Since we are considering a good budget but maximizing the Palawan can offer, Trish arranged the plans that will include the El Nido and Puerto Princessa in 5 days. Most of the tours actually choose only one as both places require you to have 3-4 days to enjoy it. But for us, whom who are on vacation we would love to have both.

We had good contact with Hedefe Tours, that offers what we want and our wallet can afford. Luckily for us, we come up with a good itinerary that costs us only 7,500php/person in this trip.Image

Sabang Island in Puerto Princessa



Puerto Princessa’s Underground River


El Nido Islands.




Day 1 November 19,2012

01:20PM           : Arrival at Puerto Princesa City

: Lunch

02:30PM          : Travel to EL Nido ( 5 hrs )

07:00PM          : Check In @ Hadefe cottages


Day 2 November 20,2012

07:00am            : Breakfast

0900am-5pm  : ELNIDO ISLAND HOPPING –( Whole Day With Lunch )-FREE

TOUR A : Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon pictorial inside lagoon ,Lunch @  Simizu Beach, Entalula Island, seven Commando Sunset viewing and beach bumming

07:00PM          : DINNER

Day 3 November 21,2012

07:00AM          : BREAKFAST

0900am-5pm  : ELNIDO ISLAND HOPPING –( Whole Day With Lunch )-FREE

         TOUR C- Matinloc Shrine, Tapuitan Island, Star beach Secret Beach, and Helicopter Island

07:00PM          : DINNER

Day  4 November 22,2012

06:00AM           : BREAK FAST- FREE

07:00AM           : Pick up time-Travel to Sabang  (5 Hrs travel)

12:00nn             : Buffet Lunch @ Taraw Resto-FREE

01:30PM            : Underground River Tour ( 1 ½ hour tour inside the cave)

03:30pm            : travel to Puerto Princesa ( 2 hours )

05:00pm            : Check in REMARI MANSION

: Dinner Personal account

Day  5 November 23,2012

06:30AM                  : Break Fast-FREE

 07am-10:30am      : City Tour (4 hrs) crocodile farm, baker’s hill, mitra’s ranch, baywalk, cathedral church, plaza quartel and tiangge-tiange buy pasalubong

11:00am                  : LUNCH

12:00NN                   : DEPARTURE   Area

Let the Adventure Begins!


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  1. Hi! Nice blog… 🙂

    May I please have the contact number for Hedefe Tours? 🙂 I’m also looking for a budget-friendly PPC+El Nido Trip. Thanks in advance!

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