Batu Caves, Bukit Bintang and Last Day in KL

Aside from the majestic Twin Towers of Petronas, Kuala Lumpur’s another good offering for tourists is the famous Batu Caves.

Batu Caves is a limestone hill that is located in Gombak district, outside Kuala Lumpur. It takes its name from the Sungai Batu or Batu River, which flows past the hill. Batu Caves is also the name of the nearby village.


Batu Caves welcomed by Lord Murugan

The cave is one of the most popular Hindu temples dedicated to Murugan, son of Lord Shiva. It is the focal point of Hindu festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia.

During our last day, we decided to go and see this place by allotting our morning and be there by sunrise. We value the sacredness of the place and yet we wanted to enjoy the whole view by not going with the crowd that’s why we decided to be there early.

The night before we met another fellow Filipino backpacker, Francis in  whom also staying at Ribbonstayz and he since he will be going home the same night with us to Philippines, he joined us to the last leg of the trip!

Going to Batu Caves, there is a RapidKL direct train station that will bring you to Batu Cave that costs around 2 ringgit per one way. As soon as you arrived, you’ll take a few walks to welcomed by tall Hindu statues and temples.


KL Transit, Bus. Empty!Image


Mic-Mic Poses in front of the Staircase

I’ve been to Hongkong before wherein we travelled the high staircase of the Giant Buddha in order to reach the top of the mountain. Pretty much, I have this same feeling while climbing the stairs. Long and tiring but sacred.  I also notice some of the devotees are going up without slippers or climbing using their hands.


Flower offerings in Indian Tradition


The other thing that comes along with you during your climbing moments was the monkeys that  are pretty much wandering around the places. Some of the Hindu Devotees even bring bananas and other fruits and give it to them. But be careful also because these primates tends to grab whatever they like from the tourist’s possession. One tip that I may suggest to you guys is not to wear any shiny or silver wares as they tend to attract the monkeys and they for sure grab these.


Monkeys around the Stairs!Image

Kuya Francis on the Stairs!

Maybe the other thing that add up to the festive mood in Batu Caves was the Deepavali festival that happened a day before. Most of the festive designs were still there.




Then after which we make our way to the famous Bukit Bintang Area! Not really a fan of Malling or maybe i wanted to see something different than malls (mind you guys, living in Emirates and Philippines, Malls are like modern parks) so we just manage to take some photos around and see what other places we can see.



Bukit Bintang’s Malls

Unfortunately, I am really looking forward to see the famous Titiwangsa Park,  that was depicted on my favourite Star Cinema movie, but as we reached the Titiwangsa Station in RapidKL, we found out that it was not there. We asked some few locals and they cant give us good answer where to go. So with time constraints and we are leaving in the afternoon, we decided to go back to our guesthouse, grab our lunch and get ready to pack up as we are heading home.

Around 6pm, we bid our goodbye to Ribbonstayz and take bus going to LCCT. We got a good tip that there was a bus station behind Kotaraya Mall that goes to LCCT. Only bunch of tips to fellow travellers, go with a group as the place was something like dark and feels like old Avenida in my taste.


See you again, Ribbonstayzz!

Sidenote: during the departure, Mic-Mic got very sick which we believe that the culprit is on the mushroom that  we took during our lunch. So as happy as ending as it may seems, my travel buddy vomited like hell in Mcdo while we are having our dinner. So guys, be careful of what you eat and where to eat too.

After our trip, I was very thankful that I’ve been able to experience such a wonderful travel with friends and meet new friends along the way. The adventure thought us many things and learned about cultures and living life to the fullest. This travel enlightens me to hear stories and learn from the people you come along.

After the trip, it encourages me more to travel. And makes sense and gives meaning to the travel at heart in me.


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