Kuala Lumpur, the City of the Truly Asia

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, popularly known as KL, was our last stop for our Asian Vacation Travel. Since we are traveling from Malacca, we decided to go back to the Malacca Sentral Bus station and look for available bus trips to reach our KL destination.

Asri and Lin-Lin gave us the biggest tips that we can take a bus from Malacca to Sentral station that for us to save more ringgits. Once we’re there, there is also stations that reach directly near Petaling street than going to KL sentral. So when we booked bus ride to KL, the counter lady told us that approximately will leave for an hour and a half. So as we are budget hungry travelers and we have still time, we had our light lunch in Bus Station.

True enough, surprises come in small packages. Our fellow traveler Allison, whom we met at the bus station from SG to Malacca would also take the same bus to KL with us. We had some chats regarding the places we visited in Malacca and what could be the reason why we didn’t met all the time after the taxi ride.

Luckily, by this time, we had another moment to share stories with her about her 6 month trip in Asia. She was having what I consider a “Eat, Pray, Love” self traveling moment. By the time we met her, She already traveled Chang Mai and Singapore, and will explore more of Malaysia. She also had plans for Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos and Thailand again. By this time, we are telling her how beautiful our country was and we will be happy if she would join us if she wanted on the Palawan, Philippines trip. (follow the blogs to know if she joined us or not).


ImageOur new backpack travel Buddy, Allison! 🙂

Once we reached KL, we looked for Allison’s Hotel first as we already spotted our guesthouse near the train station and Mic and I decided to look first for her hotel then be back to our guesthouses. I might say that KL looks like Manila in terms of chaotic urbaness,so it is my natural instinct not to walk alone and maybe not safe at all. So we had to walk around and around looking, we ask some locals but maybe because we maybe pronouncing the street name wrong so we are having hard time. After 30 mins I guess of walking around, Chinatown area, we already spotted the hotel and bid goodbyes. Same as we did in Malacca, we decided to meet again maybe in the midnight to grab some beer if we will meet at night.

When we reached our guesthouse, Ribbonstayzz, we unfortunately booked the other day not on the actual date we arrive! My bad. But since we been able to pull some strings, they allowed us to booked the day and a half and disregard the next day without charges.

ImageAt the lobby of the Ribbonstayzz GuestHouse

Since this will be the last night we are spending on KL, we decided to go to the iconic Petronas tower with light and during night time to capture both shots. We grab some maps and make our way to KL train station and went to KLCC area.


KLCC welcome arc


Inside the KLCC Mall. Photo op, again. 101.

We saw the majestic twin towers. I must say that after seeing Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, It seems that I saw his siblings.


My picturesque shot of the Tallest twin Towers

Then after that we went to see more the colourful Kl can offer at night. The famous Merdaka square and the Parliament Buildings. Picture opportunities again.

ImageSamad Building


Mic and I decided to passby at Allison’s Hotel as it will be near to the Central Market where will be our next location is. We actually don’t have any expectations if we will see her again or not since we both know that she is also travelling with itineraries and time frame same as ours. But maybe in God’s perfect time, we saw her going out of the hotel as we arrived on the place. Then, we said on our mind, that maybe Allison should come to our place and visit Philippines too.

We had our walking tour and story sharing to the nearby area of central market. This we took some good walks on the busy souvenir shops and Malayan stuffs, there is also a night traditional street dance we saw on the central market.


ImageCentral Market and souvenir shops

After which, we took our tiger beer and satay in the Chinatown area, this time we exchange FB accounts and to contact each other as the next day we will be coming back to Philippines and maybe – she will decide to included Philippines to her trip. After our chill drinking moments and bid goodbyes, Mic and I decided to take few walks on the Petaling street and try some foodies again..

ImageClaypot Meals at Chinatown

The first KL day would be a full of adventure day for us, long but fulfilling day. Looking forward for our last day of adventure, but this time we embrace our bed and hit the sack.


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