From Singapore to Malacca, stories and people along the way

On the day three of our Singapore backpacker’s trip, we went straight to Chinatown to buy some souvenirs. We are seriously considering our backpack baggage kilograms because we both know that it will be a long travel ahead since we are heading to two locations more.

For travelers, Chinatown would be the best place to bargain for Singapore souvenirs. I bought some t-shirts and key chains (the most common i guess) for my family and friends. You can buy some cheap shirts around 3-4 pieces at 10 SGD and up to 36 key chains for 10 SGD. Pretty much, with limited budget, i bought those. Image


colors of souvenirs in Singapore. (photo credit to Mic)

After our mini shopping, we bid our goodbye to Rose Ann as she will fly back to Manila and we are catching our bus trip to Malacca in the afternoon. We will totally miss her and we decided that once we are back to Manila, we will have another trip with her.  (Disclaimer: wait for the Delara Kidnap Day)

Since we are not familiar with the place where we will catch our bus in Singapore, we again opted to leave early and see the place first before have our lunch in the nearby place. We took some couple of buses from Clark Quay until we reach the bus station in Lavender St . When we were there, we went to the counter stall and told us that we are more than an hour early for the bus. Then we headed to the nearby KFC to have our lunch while waiting.

Bus fares costs around 30 SGD and sometimes what locals said, it depends on the day of the week and the type of coaches you will take on too. I suggest if you will take this same route as ours, booked your tickets online and save good seats so you can choose on what your budget can offer.

I guess it’s fate or beautiful God’s plan on that back travelling moment that we met a fellow travel mates while we are waiting our bus on the station.  We met Allison of Canada and Dan of UK, whom also waiting for the same bus as ours. This moment, we don’t know that our travel moments would start meeting new friends that we will meet along the way.

We exchanged stories about our jobs, our travelling moments and also our destination. Dan visited good friend in Singapore and will travel more in South East Asia. He is currently searching forjob  opportunities in the area  while i guess enjoying the best of it. While Allison, since she left her job was on her long 6 month journey in South East Asia. I admired how they live life to the fullest after they left their job, maybe i’ll have mine too once I wanted to leave my profession.

So we reached Malacca after 4 hour long journey.  When we landed to the Mallacca Bus station, we checked our destinations and we found out that our guesthouses are on the same location near the riverside. Within a click, we decided to chip in on a one taxi so we could save more ringgits. Taxi fare costs 20 MYR one trip and since we are four, have our shares of 5 each.

When were there, we bid our goodbyes and said that if we have time we could have some couple of beer at night if we are free. But I guess all of us have this itinerary to follow so during our stay in Malacca, we haven’t met.  (disclaimer: there is something very much related to this event that  will join us along the way)


Front view of our Guesthouse

We finally arrived to the Oriental Riverside Guesthouse, where in we were welcomed by Lin Lin, one of the owners of the guesthouse. The place was very cosy, unique and strategically located on the famous Melaka river.

“The Oriental Riverside Residence is a riverside guesthouse overlooking Melaka River in a restored pre-war building built in 1933. Situated at the core of the UNESCO World Heritage Zone on the bustling narrow streets of Old Chinatown by the river, with tourist attractions, art galleries, antique shops, craftsmen and traders at its doorstep. 

The Oriental Residence is the perfect setting for those looking to explore Old China Town and Historical Site while enjoying peace and tranquility of Melaka River” – hostelsworld

Lin Lin gave us tips on which and where to eat and go and gave us small maps of the place. But what we admire most was how they build relationship to their guests. They share their stories, sincere thoughts and value about life. I don’t know why, but I guess that is the most important thing why i wanted to go back to Mallacca in the near future. It’s like you found a new get away, then you met you new friends.


Riverside view. I notice the colorful artworks they did on all of the houses along the riverside. 

Since we arrived late in the afternoon, we decided to take a few walks in the riverside and Jonker street to catch the place’s night photos as well eat in a suggestive restaurant by Lin-Lin.

We walk on the river side and capture some beautiful bridges and scenery. I don’t have tripod but I hope to manage some good photos too.  But Mic-Mic had better shots than me.


Chinatown at night




Bridges. Bridges and Melaka Eye. I got some good shots too! 

To end our day, we have our dinner at Geographer’s Cafe.  It is a restaurant occupied a renovated old Malacca shophouse. Serving Malaccan standards, they also have live music and cozy environment.




Geographer’s Cafe offers! 


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