Asian Vacation, Singapore City

We arrived at Singapore early morning and make our way to Clark Quay area for Five Stone’s Hostel.  We are lucky that the metro opens at 6.30 and we bought our e-link cards for about 15 SGD. But one thing that we forgot during this early trip, and that is to have enough Singapore dollars for the early morning.  We ask couple of locals and they said that usually these exchange houses opens at  11am.

And we don’t have enough money for breakfast.

So luckily, we walk around the clark quay area and there is one hotel that opens early and offers exchange for our money. So by saving grace, we can have our breakfast while waiting for check –in. Yahoo! (Lesson learned: Exchange money when you will arrive to an area way before, hahaha)


Street view near to our area

ImageI love the design of the building, i dont know what the name is

Since the Chinatown is walking distance from our area, we make our way there and have our breakfast at Chinatown heritage center. Solve! Then took some pictures around the area and back to check in at the hostel.


ImageImageImageHindu Temple

I admire how clean the Singapore was, especially their Chinatown. No wonder they are known for having the best Chinatown in the world.


Have our Food stuffs! Hahaha! 🙂

ImagePeking Duck Style!

ImageMic-Mic signatured pose at the park!

Imagemust have picture I guess!

ImageAlong our way to the park, we saw the singapore ice cream and try it! yum yum!

Since we will be meeting Rose Anne, my good friend from Highschool who flew from Manila to Singapore to join us in is trip, why not the best way for us to meet there would be on the iconic Merlion Park.

ImageWelcome shot vhyce! Finally reunited!


During our check-in, Five Stones recommend for us to see the new city’s offer, Garden’s at the bay, so after the Merlion Park, that’s our next stop!

The Garden’s at the bay reminds me of the Avatarish style. And I like their version. lol. Also there are some cool stuffs that if you will just read you will learn something new. I though first it is somewhat like boring for it reminded us of old field trip days, but when we started to get along and read the informations we had some good laugh, especially the descriptions on hornbills. lol.



Someone is Narcissitic and camwhore, Hello Vhyce!

ImageMacopa is Water Apple. Now, we know.

Night time, we around the Boat Quay and Clark Area to capture the night shots as well as the Merlion Park Part two. Can’t get enough of the Singapore iconic photo I guess.Image


Then as part of our Food Itinerary trip, we will have what the Singapore is known for, Their Chili crab and Tiger beer. But for budget travellers like us, the meal is too expensive to eat for. Maybe because of our location or maybe the cost. I didn’t enjoy that much though. Hahaha!


Good for three, but too much costly. hahaha.. 200 SGD.

ImageHello Tiger beer!

More pictures uploaded on my FB account. Feel free to visit:


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