The Bus ride from SG to KL


Aerial view at KL

When we arrived at the Kuala Lumpur Airport LCCT around 0630 pm, proceed to the counter that offers bus services from the terminal to KL Central. There is one bus line, the Skybus, which offers the transfer for 10 MYR. We purchase the ticket and then we get all our things and get ready to central.


Mic-Mic pose for the LCCT. hahaha!

It seems like the same with some of our bus services in the Philippines, I remember like I was going to Laguna or Bulacan in the Cubao bus station. That sort of ambiance inside the bus. But since I went during my vacation to PH, I think our advantage to them was the free wifi.

Approximately it takes an hour from LCCT to reach KL central, once we are there we decided to just to take a look first at the venue of the pick up point then right after we will look for a nearby restaurant or mall to have our light dinner. We asked few locals how to get there and they said the easiest and cheapest way would be take the monorail rather than taking a cab.

We took few walks from KL central to the monorail in order to reach the Berjaya Square. Although walking was good, even if we have to take few blocks but the rain made it difficult for us to travel from one side to another. But since we are adventurer, we went with the flow. Yalla!


Smile at Monorail

Luckily for us and good sense of direction, we arrived at the pick up point at Berjaya Square. For our travel from KL to Singapore, we booked our tickets via, that costs around 30 SGD. We proceed to the counter and informed regarding the bus time. She gave us the bus number and time and told us to stroll around the mall first and be back 30 mins before the bus arrives. So right after that, we took our dinner inside the mall and have some few strolls around.


Berjaya Square is preparing for Deepavali Festival

Our bus arrives around 12 midnight and finally we decided to take our overnight sleep as we will travel for more than 6 hours as we will reach Singapore in the morning.


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