Desert Safari Adventure and Camel Ride, United Arab Emirates

Aside from seeing the majestic skyscrapers of Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab or shopping the luxurious brands in Dubai Mall, One of you must do list is the Desert Safari Adventure.

It was almost a year after since I arrive in the emirates when I tried this activity. So when my flatmates had a chance to grab a discount coupon on Cobone, We decided to give it a try!



getting ready with my flatmates. 

Basically, you’ll be riding the 4×4 vehicle along the sand dunes at the cost of roughly 100 Aed. Our Pick up time is around 7 am in the nearby Mall, then we will travel fro about 1-2 hours in order to reach the site of the Safari Adventure. I strongly advise to those people who will try it not to eat too much, have a light breakfast and bring water and have some anti- emetic medications ready.

When we were there, we visited first a camel farm while waiting for the actual vehicle that will ride off the sand dunes.


Then once our vehicle arrived, adventure begins. Since I am the newbie in the emirates, they decided for me that I’ll take the passenger seat near the driver. They aid it is the awesomest view that I’ll have, or I am thinkng that my heart will pound like hell. hahaha.

True enough, that thing happened. The vehicle goes up to the tip of the sand mountain and drive at the curve sometimes driving at most of 45-50 degrees angle. You’ll feel that you vehicle will most likely fall and roll on the other side but these drivers are crazy enough to handle it. hahaha.. poor for me, I have the first view and my flatmates are just feeling the bump. They are all laughing while I am praying and shouting. hahaha!

I documented it with a video, I’ll be posting it here and feel free to watch it. Right now, I’ll ask for forgiveness that maybe the video is little shakey and may not give total justice to what I experience but have fun when I screamed and say my mother’s name. hahaha.

We had a little stop at the middle of the desert for photo opportunity and maybe for others to puke and drink water. hahaha..



someone is already crawling and dead tired? hahaha

Then we continue to have the up and down, travel. with more good edges and heart pounding ride. I think the while ride lasted for about an hour until we reached the middle of the desert.

The second part of this adventure is reaching the old settlement of the desert and for us, since we choose the morning activity, we will have our breakfast and camel ride! Yahoo!


old houses  inside the desert


Although It was almost 1 and half year, It is my first time to ride a camel in the gulf! I feel like a bedouin in the middle of search of life in the oasis. hahaha!


After the whole adventure, I recommend for those who will be visiting the emirates to try this adventure. Most of the people I talk on to said that the afternoon activity will most likely good one for it will offer a shisha offering and belly dancing on the barbeque party. But for those who will try it, enjoy the ride!


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