The unexpected likeness of Kish Island, Iran

Two years ago, when I was on process of my employment visa, I experienced the exit – entry obstacle while in the emirates. Most of the job seekers will undergo this process to expedite (or for some unlucky, torturing) visa process. One, have to go out of the country and enter as a employee and the most convenient, reasonable, cost-effective and easy way would be going out and staying at Kish Island, Iran.

Kish Island, often called as the pearl island of the Persian gulf located on the offshore of Iran. It has more relax laws than the mainland Iran, but basic laws of Muslim nation applies. It is a visa free and free trade zone so it is the easiest choice for expats for their visa change.

Luckily for me, I stay there for a week, making and living the most out of it. I feel like it is my holiday before going back to work. Although there are a lot of horror stories (we might tackle this on other blogs) but I make sure that I balance it with enjoyable moments. I always believe that in every crisis there is an opportunity, and by this time to see a new place and meet new people.


Jump shots with  Jackie and Jane

Locally, There is a optional tour that costs 10 AED, where in you’ll hit the shuttle bus with fellow tourist and they will take you on a half day ride around the island. My friends actually dont wnt to join me cause they said nothing to see there, but as the adventurous side of me and I am there for the experience, I booked and joined a group of people. I am so glad I did it and bring my camera to see what’s the island stored for us.



The Ancient Town of Harireh


The Green Tree Park


The Greek Ship. The historic and famous old ship resting on one of the shores of Kish Island. It has become a major tourist attraction in recent years. They said this was part of the Greek and Persian Gulf History. 

After that Half day tour, I always explored more the island on the beach side. Luckily, the place I stayed is near to that and walking would be the ultimate fun to do around the place. Image


Board walk view


Beach front view


Old Time Telling device


Family bonding enjoying the view

Good days and memories of the Kish Island will always be part of me.



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