The Travel Kid at Heart

IMG_8369I don’t know what motivate me to write again and share my adventures through blog. It is the randomness that inside me that fuels some sort of sparks in any activities. I may hate or love the thought of randomness but this actually defines who am I for the last 25 years.

Maybe a short background regarding the writer before he will start sharing his experiences through this blog would enlightened the readers (or If I have one) to read and learn from my posts. And I am surely you will get to know more about me as the blogging goes on.

My life would have been like an adventure as I am seeing the world today. It goes major challenges, issues and had fair share of triumphs and success. At college time when financial woes hit our family, I was exposed way back from being a working student from a known fast food chain, I joined bandwagon of agents who received irate calls, I even applied as an assistant to a research guru and sell a lot of things you may not think I do.

And as I graduated, passed and became the young professional as I am, I joined a prime university and became the youngest professor during my time. Eventually after 2 years, I leave the campus and see what the world can offer for my future. I travelled across the globe and landed on the Emirates to pursue my profession.

But these things doesn’t come with a price. I always tell people that what we see usually is where is that person right now, but for that person how to get there and what happened before getting there is more important. These stories would be best shared as the blogging goes by.

My love for sharing and travelling came in together with my experiences. Working with people across cultures,ages and time, opened my eyes what to see outside the four corners. I always have this memento of ‘be a student of life’, live with it, learn from it.

So as from this day, welcome to my page and hope you will join me to this adventure,fellow travel kids at heart.



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