Good old days at Ternate, Cavite

When I joined PLM as one of the faculty member, I my first job was to be the clinical instructor for the community immersion program or CIP for student nurses. This is best described as those graduating 4th year students that will immerse themselves to the life of a far flung area and help them to raise their standard of living. Being the newest addition to the faculty, I have the privilege (or I should say the initiation) of being part of this event.

I cant forget the first day when I met my students. They are just somewhat like a year or 2 years younger than me. We all look with the same age, and to be frank I am quite scared on how to handle these students. I have these gut feel that If I am too kind they will abuse me or If I am too strict they will rebel against me, because that would I do If I am still a student. My Professional life is just starting and I have this tremors that it might end so soon.


me and my students

It might be the reason why I get so comfortable with students with PLM, because I started my job exposed and interacts with students not with my colleagues. I learned from their everyday life, shared their stories, walk with plans, failures and triumphs across programs. I barely considered myself during that time as a teacher but I also think I am a student too.


As semester goes on, we had a lot of good programs implemented to the community. From one daycare that caters young child for basic education, to first aid missions, even providing the barangay with their communal toilets. I remember there are a lot of barangay programs, from one talent show to a valentine’s day party and polvoron making just to raise funds for the community.

For me, this also sends transformation on my professional life as I have been able to deliver a baby on the community based settings. Talking about authentic Filipino cinematic baby delivery under the nipa hut with lantern inside. Move over Florence Nightingale.



Ternate Days will be one of the milestones of my life. It teaches me things that might not be written on books and best experience with life. My former students would say they learn a lot from it, but for me I learn a lot from them and to the experience. It molds the better me, and became who I am now.


When I went on vacation this month, I happened to talk to some of these students of mine. Right now, they are my colleagues who are doing well in their fields. Some also are taking up medicine and teaching also for younger kids. I am really looking forward to see them maybe in the future and relive the old ternate days that we had.





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